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Landscaping With Rocks: Quick Tips

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Landscaping with boulders has both practical and aesthetic functions. In visual terms, landscaping with rocks adds a more natural and organic feature to a backyard that might otherwise appear overly artificial and formal. For this reason, landscaping with rocks is now widely accepted as both an aesthetic enhancement to existing gardens, and as a means of increasing the value of your home when selling it. Rock garden edging, which can be added to existing gardens or created from a new landscape design idea, is an easy and cost effective way of making a dramatic impact on any outdoor area.

 Rock And Stone Landscaping Is A Tradition

Many gardens around the globe have used boulders for both symbolic and decorative purposes, providing a focal point of focus and defining an overall style. Boulders provide an easy solution for creating natural gardens in containers because they do not need the same upkeep as traditional plants and shrubs. Boulders also offer flexibility for any size garden, including large gardens with exotic plants and exotic rocks or specimens. Because the boulders are self supporting, little work is required to keep them in place and to protect their surroundings.


Landscaping with large rocks and stones has many benefits for both the designer and the customer. The rocks and stones used in rock garden feature add an architectural style that can be customized to match specific needs. The design plan can include specific boulders for specific plant species and planting areas.


Another important consideration is that of moisture and water runoff control. Rock garden features that are made of large rocks will generally need to be covered and protected from sunlight and falling leaves to prevent damage to the landscaping. In this case, rock mulches can be used to partially shade the rocks so that they retain moisture and keep the soil at a more consistent temperature. This allows the landscaping to remain relatively maintenance free.


One of the most common features is rock flower beds. Rock flower beds are designed to provide the benefit of shade and habitat for both wildlife and local plants. There are several different types of rock flower beds ranging from low maintenance, fast growing bushes to those with steeper grades and smaller rocks. Any landscaping project can be greatly enhanced by integrating natural landscape fabrics to blend in with the rock features.


Landscaping with pebbles and stones is also popular. Smaller stone pebbles can be placed around the landscape to create unique focal points or to frame a specific feature such as a bird house or bench. Using mulch to mulch small areas around rocks and shrubs will help maintain healthy soil and will protect plants from direct sunlight, insects and extreme temperatures. In areas where the soil has already been damaged from sun, applying pebbles will help add some color to the soil and increase its ability to retain moisture. These landscaping accessories can be used on their own, or can be used in conjunction with larger accessories such as mulch.

Choosing The Best Landscaping Mulch

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There are tons of mulch types out there. Lots of people use bark, rocks or even cocoa shells for mulch.

Grey Rock is beautiful and also very light. Its profound tones of red and rust-colors offer a distinct difference against regular green foliage. Lava rock is highly textured with awesome color variations. Lots of folks use stone and river rock for mulch. Rock and stone is also very storm proof.  Stone mulch can be expensive.  And stone is also messy.River rocks are known for their ordinary light-coloredsurfaces and for their smooth complexion.  These rocks can be bought for little money.

Some people use Marble chunks as mulch as well. Plan on spending a lot of money on marble though. Granite flakes is another popular option. Granite is multi-colored and will match many landscapes. Grantie is tough to beat as a multi-purpose mulch. Plus it is easy to buy in most climates.

Make Your Own Fake Rocks

It's not that hard to design your own fake rocks, believe it or not. Many use concrete to form the shape. Concrete is cool because you can paint it and it's durable. Concrete is very easy to paint once it is dry.

The good thing about painting a rock is that it's hard to mess up! Don't forget the polymer glaze coat as well. You can make these rocks in a weekend for your garden or flower bed.



Bullwinkle Ate My Pine Trees

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OK I'm usually what most would call a "deer lover' but now I may be a "deer hunter"!

I got up this morning and noticed one of my white pines in the back yard looked a bit funky.  And the one next to it was real short.  i planted the pines 2 years ago so they are not very large yet.  I went out to examine them and to my horror they were all munched to bits!  The deer even got the leaders!  Nipped them right off. 

I had to wonder if it was the doe I had taken several deer pictures of last week.  Judging by the hoof prints though it looked more like a big buck.  A big mean hungry one at that!  So hopefully I can salvage these poor pines.  My neighbor planted reds and the deer leave them alone.  Perhaps they prefer white pines over reds.  Not sure on that.  I am sure I want venison for dinner though!

Jones'in For Backflow Parts?

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Buying parts or repair kits and be rather intimidating.  All those model numbers and serial numbers read like a puzzle of some sort.  This site just fired up some videos showing how easy backflow parts are to find on their site.

Pretty slick!

Here is FEBCO Backflow Parts:

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Wilkins Backflow Parts

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Watts backflow Parts

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Ames Backflow Parts

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No More Phosphates!

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Woo-Hoo!  I just read in our local paper here in Columbia County WI that fertilizers containing phosphates are banned!  This is wonderful for all the lakes, trout streams and ponds.  Phosphates fertilizes algae like mad.  Not any more!

Dont Let Jack Frost Freeze Your backflow Preventer!

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Autumn is pretty much here and quite shortly Jack Frost will undoubtedly be traveling about making things frigid!  He loves to target irrigation components!

And it does not take much of a icing to trigger issues inside of most of these vulnerable backflow preventers.  Open one up and you can see why, there's lots of seals, gaskets, o-rings and other sensitive parts.  Water that is freezing solid wreaks all sorts of havoc on these components.

For this reason, backflow insulation is extremely important.  Backflow polar parkas add R-value protection and frost protection.  It also shields the unit from the wind, which is a huge culprit for heat loss.  So if you haven't put polar parkas on your weekend shopping list you might want to!

Snakes On A Plane? No, In The Road!

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Here in Wisconsin it gets pretty dang cold come winter.  With fall arriving and the temps starting to chill out a bit a lot of Bull Snakes, Gardner Snakes, Fox Snakes and other cool species are desperate for a last blast of warmth before they hang it up for the winter break and go into hibernation mode.

What stinks is many of these snakes gravitate towards roads which are warm from the sun.  Basking in a road is not a good idea, even for an elephant or giraffe.  Especially a hard to see snake!  The poor things are getting squished and squashed left and right.  It's a bummer to see.  Especially when it's endangered Fox Snakes getting smooshed.

So the moral of the story is watch out for snakes in the fall!  They help keep mice and other vermin out of our gardens and landscaping. We need them!

Attack Of The Little Green Tree Frogs!

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Living in Wisconsin, September is always a cool time of year.  Not only is it finally cooling off, but the little green tree frogs are popping up everywhere.  These are some of the coolest looking little critters you'll ever see.  And they stick to the siding on our house.  They can cruise up and down the vinyl siding like Spiderman, then turbo leap and incredible distance with cheetah like speed.  Keep your eyes peeled for these little guys, especially towards evening.  Good luck!

Deck And Patio Water Garden Features That Sets Up Quickly!

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Mention "Water Feature" or "Garden Pond" to most folks and the first thing they think of is paying several thousands of bills to have one installed, or spending endless annoying hours trying to design one themselves.  Yet everyone loves the notion of laying out back next to a gently bubbling rock fountain or water features pond.


Anyone who has tried to design one these themselves knows how difficult and frustrating it can be.  It seems relatively simple: put a pump in a pool, lay down some waterproof matting, pile some rocks around it and plug it in.  The trouble is gravity can play some pretty sneaky tricks on flowing water.  And it almost always ends up flowing in directions where you would least expect it to flow, like out the back of the waterfall and onto the ground!  Most find themselves constantly filling an refilling the bin in order to keep H2O in the container at a level that wont dry out the pump impeller.  Frantically trying to pin down each little leak and trickle sending water away from the bin.


It's not a lot of fun.  Fortunately DekoRRa Products has come to the rescue with two new products that include everything one wants in a relaxing deck or patio water (feature|garden} pond or fountain without all the traditional headaches of installing and owning one.


Now as you know, artificial rock water fountains and garden water fountains have been around for several years now.  But until now, all of these have been plagued with a common problem:  they look cheap!  Think about it.  How many plastic rock or stone garden ponds or fountains have you seen that have fooled you into thinking they were rock?  Probably none.


Well DekoRRa set out to change all this by using a revolutionary new plastic molding process called "Real-Rock" that infuses gritty textures and hues of natural colors together in a resin, producing an extraordinarily durable and very realistic rock like appearance.  Originally designed for use in their line of Professional Grade fake rocks, the patented "Real-Rock" manufacturing process has now been incorporated into the companys new deck and patio water garden water features.


So what do you get when you combine this "Real-Rock" technology into a garden water fountain?  Practicality and Realism!


Take the new Deck And Patio Water Fountain for example.  It's incredibly lightweight and fast to position on any deck, patio or anywhere in the garden.  You simply fill it with water and plug it in.  Everything you need is included, the pump, tubing etc.  It's all there.  And the fountain container is molded far into the rock, allowing for generous amounts of water so the unit can moto for long periods of time unattended and without constant worry of having to refill it and keep it topped off.  Easy to set up and beautiful!  The "Real-Rock" exterior offers natural realism.  This really does look like a natural rock water feature!


For folks looking for something a little larger, DekoRRa's new Deck And Patio Koi Waterfall Pond Water Feature is turning out to be a huge hit.  This beauty is designed to copy the appearance of real "Old World Stucco."  The texture and color variations are absolutely beautiful.  The water pond is almost six feet long and is easily wide and deep enough for Koi Fish to swim in.  This waterfall pool is simply breathtaking.  And it's incredibly quick to set up.  Everything is included and ready for action.  The pump, tube, fittings are all included.  One simply puts the pond and top corner waterfall container, fills the basin with H20, add (optional) coi and plug it in.  It's an instant Old World Style Waterfall Garden right on your deck, patio, porch or garden.


With these new faux stone deck and patio water feature products by DekoRRa it's never been easier to install and enjoy your very own relaxiing deck or patio water fountain or waterfall pond. DekoRRa has elevated the bar in engineering easy to use water features that look like real stone and will add beauty and elegance to any landscape