Landscaping Rocks!  And This Is The Coolest Landscaping Site On The Planet!

Landscaping and gardening are not only wonderful ways to pass the time, but they can also help create good habitat for all the critters and birds that make our yards their homes.

Take this little tree frog for example.  If we hadn't planted the patch of impatients near the front walkway, its doubtful he would have hung around for long.  Instead he's been there all summer enjoying the freshly watered flora and ample insects that the plants attract.  If it gets too hot out he hunkers under one of the fake rocks we placed out by the door.  Cute!

Landscaping doesn't need to be about dull green lawns loaded with fertilizer and pesticides.  We can learn to create landscapes that provide a quality yard for the kids to play on, without all the negative chemicals that harm us, our environments and the critters we share this planet with.

Here in Wisconsin every summer on the news there are always reports on the state of the local lakes.  It's disgusting in many areas.  The madison lakes, for example.  They become so inundated with stinky green algae that the beaches close down.  Drive by the lake and if you can stop long enough to bear the stench you'll see waves of bright green water.  It looks like the lime flavored green slime funster wave pool from Willie Wonka or something along those lines.

Fertilizer is to blame for most of the green go.  The quest for the pure green lawn doesn't end with just the grass, unfortunatley, it turns the waterways green as well.  OK so green lake slime rant aside, this site is going to touch on Landscaping Ideas that are a bit more natural.  I'm not talking dirt-munching-tree-hugging-druid material here, just a bit more on the critter friendly side of things.  We want folks to embrace dandelions, for example.  Use the leaves on salads and the roots for tea or wine instead of marching around the yard weilding a backpack sprayer like some sort of yellow flower killing robo freak.

There are also lots of different rocks in areas of the state in and around Madison where many home owner share a common bond of wanting to create the best looking yards and properties.  It's already been proven that proper landscaping can drastically improve one's property value, and this is no different.

If you want to have landscaping along your driveway, there are plenty of real estate properties that can be set apart by this simple task. It could mean planting rock or wood mulch along the sides of the driveway. You could even plot out an area with ground and surround it with low fencing, rocks or plastic rims. Then fill it with materials that match the look and scheme you have chosen. You can also use white gravel or stone sculptures to help form a miniature on either side of the driveway. Any of these ideas can add selling appeal to your property.  For additional images go to